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Low Barrier Positions – Support Services

Low barrier roles in seniors care, living and wellness include positions like housekeepers, dietary aides, and laundry workers. These jobs offer a way for people to start worker in the care industry, even if they  don’t have a lot of prior experience or education. Roles exist in all types of care communities, including long-term care, assisted living, independent living, and private dwellings through home health agencies.  

These low barrier roles in seniors care and living can be a great starting point for people who want to work in this industry, and provide a pathway to advancement and further education and training. These jobs offer the chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of seniors, and to be part of a team that is dedicated to providing high-quality care and support.  

Housekeepers are responsible for maintaining a clean and organized living environment for seniors, which includes tasks such as cleaning bathrooms, making beds and doing laundry. 

Dietary Aides are responsible for preparing and serving meals to seniors, and ensuring their nutritional needs are met. This can involve tasks like setting tables, serving food, and cleaning up after meals. This role requires a commitment to person-centred care, and an understanding of basic food preparation and cooking techniques.  

Laundry Aides
Laundry workers are responsible for washing, drying and folding clothes and linens for seniors. This role requires attention to detail, good organizational skills and an understanding of how to properly care for different types of fabric.  

  • Education: Employers will provide on-the-job training to orientate you to the role.  
  • Certifications: May require FOODSAFE Level 1, First Aide & CPR, Serving it Right, and WHMIS.  
  • English: Grade 10 English or Canadian Language Benchmark 5 or higher  
  • Pay: $-$$. Many entry level positions start at $23 per hour.  
  • Criminal Record Check Required? Yes  
  • Job Opportunities:
    BC’s Labour Market Outlook projects over 5,000 job openings for these occupations in seniors care over the next 10 years.  
  • Sample job description: Click here to download